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Finals Survival Guide

It’s almost that time of the year again… Finals week.


If you’re anything like the majority of college students out there, you dread this week. But why suffer through the week when you can make the best of it and start your summer off with a BANG!

Here are some tips I found that work pretty well when dealing with the stress of finals and taking care of yourself during that week.

Take a break.

Taking a break is a really good one and you can use other ideas in this post during your breaks! Breaks give your brain a rest so that it can better retain information when you are studying or, (let’s be honest here) cramming for that 10am final. Try to take a break every hour for at least 10-15 minutes so you can take a breather and give yourself a break.

I’m super bad at this one. When I’m in the zone, there is no getting me out of it until I feel done, but while researching for this post, I found a method called the Pomodoro Technique (find out more about it here).


Yes, I said it. Get off your couch and away from your computer and get that blood pumping! Exercising has been proven to reduce stress and also counts as a break from studying that also benefits you! Shows on Netflix range from 25-50 minutes so instead of watching Stranger Things, go for a run or do some yoga! Then maybe watch Stranger Things on your next break.

Catch some Zzz’s.

I’m not just talking about getting some good sleep at night but sometimes a nap is also necessary! Here is a good way to be able to tell how long of a nap is right for you! Keep in mind, naps are not for everyone! If you are like me you might be mid-study sesh and decide its time for a quick nap and then not wake up until the next morning! So be sure to SET THAT TIMER!

Eat something.

And by that, I do not mean raid your snack shelf and go crazy on that bag of Doritos. Eat something actually good for you! Go to the grocery store and pick up some fruit to snack on or cook yourself some good food (ramen doesn’t count, sorry). Drinking lots of water will help too!

Go outside.

It’s finally getting warm outside! There’s no reason to stay inside all day and avoid the sunshine! You can even study outside if that’s your thing. That way you can enjoy nature and the sun while studying. Just try not to get distracted.

I hope this helps! Just remember, once finals week is over, it’ll be summer vacation!



Abuse is NOT Love

A big problem going around is abuse and boundary violations. This is not just a problem that only a few individuals face, but it is also seen in a majority of colleges and in the under 18 community.

But what are boundaries and how do you know they aren’t being broken for you right now? Most of the time your intuition does a pretty good job of keeping you safe, but for others they might think that it is the norm and that the sick feeling in their gut is just butterflies or too much pizza.


Physical Boundaries are what we define as “personal space” or the distance we feel comfortable letting others occupy while talking with them. The more we trust others, the closer we allow them to physically approach us.

Sure, best friends tend to sit closer together and have smaller bubbles, but if some random classmate or teacher got really close to you and invaded your bubble, then it is always good to make sure to say something to them or just back up a little. If they do not get the hint, or listen, then maybe avoid being in one on one situations with that person and be wary if they start making unwanted advances towards you or others.

scan (1)

Emotional Boundaries determine how much and what personal information you share within a relationship. Normally, the more intimate the relationship the more information we share. We use these in order to avoid being manipulated or used by others. They also help us to separate who we are and how we think & feel from the thoughts of others.

Have you ever been asked a question and you were about to answer but someone cut you off and answered for you? If something like that happens once or twice, that’s relatively normal, not okay, but normal. What is 100% not acceptable is when someone never lets you speak for yourself and in the process puts you down. That is when your emotional boundaries become violated. 


Social Boundaries are defined by roles, norms, and customs that establish the appropriate types of behavior for certain situations. Laws govern social boundaries which prevent inappropriate behavior for different types of interactions. An example of this is the law that kids are not allowed to date adults.

This one confused me for a bit, but after consulting my all knowing supervisor (shout out to Leslie), it all became clear. Have you ever been hanging out with a group of friends and there’s that one person who just has zero filter and will say very inappropriate things at random times? That’s a social boundary, and just like the others it can range from annoying to sexual harassment. If you ever come across someone like that, the best thing to do is just be honest and tell them that their comments are upsetting you and most of the time they will try to stop. But, if they don’t stop, then that is a great time to distance yourself from that person because you should never put yourself in a situation that makes you uncomfortable.

Why are boundaries so important, you may ask? Boundaries help us establish acceptable and unacceptable ways people interact with us. Without boundaries, our lives and relationships would be chaotic and unsafe. Establishing boundaries allows people to feel safe and secure in their everyday lives and feel in control of their personal safety.

What are Boundary Violations? Sometimes in our lives, we come across people who make us feel uncomfortable and violate our boundaries. Boundary violations can range on a spectrum from slight (annoying) to serious (harmful). Sometimes these violations can be accidental, like someone talking so close to you that they are in your bubble, and most of the time if you kindly point it out to them, they will stop. But other times they can be harmful and range from dirty looks, gestures & comments, to assault & sexual abuse.

If you have had your boundaries violated & don’t know what to do, here are some resources that could help you out:

  • Visit your campus counselor and/or health clinic
  • Talk to your RA or Residence Life Coordinators (keep in mind, both of those resources are mandated reporters which means they have to report any abuse to the authorities)
  • The National Domestic Violence Hotline:
  • The Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline:
  • National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673

Although some of these resources are mandated reporters, anything you tell them will be confidential.


For more information on Boundaries and how to establish them, you can visit:


Meet the Spring 2018 RAs!

Hello new and returning residents! Here is a little more information about your Spring 2018 RAs!

 Skyler Diehl

Major: Associates of Arts
Expected Graduation: 2018/2019
I’m From: Helena, Montana
Residence Hall Community Name: Raven
Myers-Briggs Personality Type: ISTJ
Favorite Food: Sweet & Sour Chicken from Safeway
Favorite Color: Blue
If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?: Finland, because everyone in Finland skis and are all named “Pekkänäinem”. Finland has a lot of culture that is half “viking” and half “Russian poet”. My favorite band is from Finland.
A little more about me: I’m Skyler Diehl, the newest RA at the Reshall! Some of my interests are within ancient history, fantasy universes, and outdoor activities. I was a resident last year for my first year in college. I wasn’t super social during that time. Becoming the new RA (and the 2nd Skyler) has allowed me the opportunity to be a bigger part of a close knit community. I’ve enjoyed making new friends and meeting new people so far. I’m confidant that this year will be very fun an enlightenment for me, new students, and returning students!

Hunter Botnerhunter-ra-pic.jpg

Major: Process Tech & Instrumentation
Expected Graduation: Summer 2020
I’m From: Texas
Residence Hall Community Name: Wolfpack
Myers-Briggs Personality Type: ENTJ
Favorite Food: Seafood
Favorite Color: Purple
If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?: I would go to Iceland to see all the geothermal geology.

A little more about me: I’m originally from Texas, I’ve lived in a few different states, I think I have some really cool experiences, ask me sometime.

I love football mainly the Baltimore Ravens. Fantasy football is another passion of mine.

Trish Tuluk


Major: Paramedic
Expected Graduation: 2 years
I’m From: Chevak, AK
Residence Hall Community Name: Glacier
Myers-Briggs Personality Type: ESTP-T
Favorite Food: I’m a sucker for all kinds of native foods
Favorite Color: Lime Green
If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?: I’d love to go on a road trip to most of the states because that sure as heck seems fun!

A little more about me: I am a night owl. I love cooking and basketball is my favorite sport. I love to do crafts and learn about my culture. I love dogs and I also love to be outdoors!


Piera Larosa


Major: Psychology
Expected Graduation:  Spring 2019
I’m From: Phoenix, AZ
Residence Hall Community Name: Midnight Sun
Myers-Briggs Personality Type:  IXTP
Favorite Food: Chinese
Favorite Color: Green
If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?: Everywhere
because why not
A little more about me: Hi there, I’m Piera! I am getting a degree in Psychology with a minor in Art so I can go into Art Therapy. I’m crazy about animals (especially dogs). I like kayaking and other outdoor activities. Reading and listening to music are some other hobbies as well as binge watching shows on Netflix. I’ve been at KPC for three years now and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Sean McBride


Major: PSY & ART
Expected Graduation: The future
I’m from: The Milky Way Galaxy
Residence Hall Community Name: Kustatan
Myers-Briggs Personality Type:  INTJ
Favorite Food: Onions
Favorite Color: Orange
If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?: Austin, TX. The smartest, prettiest girl in the world is there. I’d like to see her again.
A little more about me: I am infatuated with Star Wars. I have one of the largest Star Wars book collections in the state. I like to read, a lot. In my spare time I study wide gamut of subjects such as: theoretical astrophysics, botany, psychological disorders, and even old recipes. Want to have a conversation with me about anything? No problem, I most likely know something about it. And if I don’t know about something about it, I will research it. I love to learn.

Skylar Taylor 


Major: Industrial Instrumentation, Process Technology
Expected Graduation: Spring 2018
I’m From: Anchorage, Alaska
Residence Hall Community Name: Borealis
Myers-Briggs Personality Type:  ESFP
Favorite Food: Coffee, Steak, Cream of Broccoli Soup, Artichoke
Favorite Color: Scarlett Red, Gold
If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?: New Zealand, Watch All Blacks play Rugby

A Little More about me:   I am 32 years old. I am married to Jessica Taylor, she is Canadian and is living in Canada.  I have been married for 1 year 4 months. I got married on Tax day so I never forget my Anniversary. I am the oldest on the RA Team. With this I bring a lot of knowledge as well as life experiences. There is almost no situation I have not seen or experienced. I have been to about 60 different countries world wide. I spent 12 years in the Marine Corps. I have deployed to combat and other locations multiple times. I enjoy outdoors and sports of all kinds. I am very approachable and have a really loose open door policy to the point I forget to take time for myself. Last but not least, I love to cook and am pretty good at it.

Marni Taylor


Hi! I’m Skylar’s emotional support dog, Marni! I am a 5 year old Australian Kelpie/Retriever mix. I love long runs on the beach and having my belly rubbed! I am super friendly and would love to say hi, but if I have my vest on please don’t touch me! My vest means I am working to keep my human safe.

Let’s Talk About Stress, Baby

Recently there has been a lot of stress in my life, so instead of letting it eat me alive, I figured I would do some research about how to deal with it.

Stress can come from a lot of different places. It can come from school, a significant other, work, or hormones. While doing some research and testing out my findings, I found that I was overloading myself and couldn’t figure out how to manage my time efficiently. So that brings us to method 1:

HOW TO MANAGE YOUR LIFEscreenshot_20170215-113348

  1. Get some sort of calendar. It can be on your phone, it can be a paper one you hang in your bathroom, or even a planner.
  2. Actually use it. If you’re reading this and thinking “omg I’m going to go to the store and buy a super cute planner/calendar and my life is going to be easier!” then think twice because a planner is useless if you do not actually use it. Seriously, write your life in it. I use the calendar on my phone and color coded EVERYTHING. I have my classes, both jobs, when stuff is due, etc all different colors.
  3. Check your calendar regularly so things do not sneak up on you. (for example my essay rough draft that is due today that I found out on Monday about). Also if it is something that you know that you will forget about, set a reminder on your phone to remind you about it a few days in advance or a week in advance so you aren’t rushing to get a 2000 word essay done in one night.

Another good way to deal with stress is instead of sitting on your couch watching Netflix and eating a bowl of popcorn, go walk on a treadmill and watch Netflix or even do small exercises while watching. Just getting your blood pumping will make you feel better and wont make you feel as bad about eating that entire Papa John’s pizza you ordered for lunch.

Let me emphasize one important thing, it is normal to be a little stressed out, but do not overload yourself to the point of crippling stress. You will break and it wont be good. So if you feel the stress coming on, don’t ignore it. Grab that little sucker by the neck and get rid of it!

Friendly & Frugal Food

Food! Everyone’s favorite topic. In college people tend to not eat as well as they did when they were living with their parents. Also if you’re like me, you’re super busy with classes and work and making meals is not really at the top of my list. Normally if it takes longer than 3 minutes to heat up in the microwave, I won’t make it. This is really inconvenient when you want to eat healthily… Or is it?

Recently I have discovered the beauty of microwave steamer bags with broccoli and other veggies in them. Six minutes (at the most) in the microwave, a little seasoning of your crock-pot-scr450-pt-black-demask-patternchoice, and BANG! Quick and healthy meal before class. “But I don’t want to eat vegetables everyday!” Don’t worry, there are many other things you can cook in the microwave and other quick meals.

5 Healthy Microwave Meals

Another fantastic thing I have embraced is a crock pot. Seriously, if you don’t already have one, go get one. They’re only like $20-40 at Walmart and they’ll save you so much money on meals.

Another great thing about crock pots, is they are so low maintenance. Hate sitting in front of a stove cooking? Well with a crock pot you literally just put the ingredients in the pot, put the lid on it, set a timer and walk away. Whenever you come back from class just give it a stir and then continue with your day until the timer goes off and then just turn the heat off. Incredibly easy. There are a bunch of websites with crock pot recipes but here are just a few for you to start off with.e034228dc751c822a7149705fcfe50eb

15 Healthy Crock Pot Recipes

Slow Cooker Recipes

30 Easy Crock Pot Recipes

Normally I can make two or three crock pot meals, put them in Tupperware containers and they normally last me over a week. Another smart thing to do is if you have a lot of time, put ingredients in large Ziploc baggies and stick them in your fridge until you need to cook then just empty the contents into the slow cooker!

Now that I have been looking at recipes for the past hour, I’m going to go make food! Enjoy!

Advoiding the Mucus Monster

It’s that time of year again and everyone is getting sick! It is impossible to go anywhere without someone coughing on you or walking by a baby and have it send a mucusy sneeze img_20170125_125845133-2in your direction. I cannot emphasize how much I hate being sick.
Since moving up here to Alaska and starting college, I swear I have been sick more times in these two years than I ever have been my entire life. In an attempt to stop getting sick so much I began looking around for vitamins I could take and also took a little trip to Pinterest and looked to see if there were any tips on there that I could try. Here’s some tips that I have found really helpful.

  1. Get lots of rest. Sleeping has been essential to recovering from a cold. Sure, in college sleep is hard to come by but when it comes to your health and that test you have on Wednesday. You need to get your beauty sleep so you can feel better before that exam.
  2. Drink lots of fluids. No, that does not mean alcohol or Red Bull. When you are sick you need to stay hydrated and alcohol is great at dehydrating you along side with sugary energy drinks. When I am sick, I overdose on tea and water. Pretty sure I spend the majority of my day going back and forth to the bathroom because of how much water I drink.
  3. Don’t eat junk food. This should be a given when sick. Eat soup (Another liquid!) and healthy home cooked meals.
  4. Try not to stress. I get stressed out a lot when I am sick, so I have to remind myself to calm down because stress can make you more sick or make your pesky cold last longer than just a few days. 3b252e1d00000578-0-image-a-107_1481227889959
  5. If it gets bad, please please PLEASE take advantage of the clinic on campus. It’s free to get a check up and the people are super nice there.
  6. PLEASE DO NOT SPREAD YOUR GERMS. Wash your hands, sanitize doorknobs, sneeze into your elbow, cough into your elbow (not your neighbor’s notebook)