Meet The 2016/2017 RA’s

For the past 3 weeks the 2016/2017 KPC ResLife RA’s have been spending every weekday afternoon in training in hopes to make this upcoming school year great.  Each one of these RA’s brings something different and special to the mix, so we thought we’d go ahead and take a minute to introduce them to you!

 Taylor Evans IMG_9242

Major: B.S Psychology
Expected Graduation: Fall 2017
I’m From: Originally this area, Kenai Alaska
Residence Hall Community Name: Raven
Myers-Briggs Personality Type:  ENTP
Favorite Food: Kdish
Favorite Color: Green
If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?: Svalbard’s Doomsday vault (To see how many plant species we have actually lost).
A little more about me:  I am currently enrolled in the psychology program and intend to move on into the field of Neuroscience for a PhD. In more fun aspects, I am actively involved in table-top games (DnD, pathfinder etc), where I both regularly play and DM. I am a local from the area, and subsequently know a number of hole-in-the-wall places, and what to expect from this community (usually). I regularly dream about owning my own business, as working for oneself I believe to be on the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences one can have. I am interested in a vast array of subject matter, from neuroscience, to philosophy, to history, to star wars and other pop culture.

Amanda Dorough IMG_9251

Major:  Paramedical Technology
Expected Graduation:  December 2016
I’m From:  Seattle, WA
Residence Hall Community Name:  Borealis
Myers-Briggs Personality Type:  ENFP
Favorite Food:  Italian & Thai
Favorite Color:  Aqua, Pink, Orange, & Gold
If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?:  Honestly, everywhere!  But I’d probably go to Western Europe first because I feel like that’s the part of the world I’ve explored the least.

A little more about me:   Well lets see…. Probably my favorite thing in the world to do is travel/explore/adventure.  So far I’ve been to nearly 40 countries but there’s so much more to see! My first real travel experience was studying abroad with Semester At Sea and it was amazing.  I definitely recommend studying abroad! Aside from travel I also love photography, art, hiking, boating, reading, watching movies… I could go on and on.  I’m currently in my last semester here at KPC finishing up the Paramedic Program and I can’t wait to actually get to work.  My goal is to one day work as a flight medic (I always dreamed of flying in helicopters!), but it will take a few years to get to that point.

Piera Larosa IMG_9245

Major:  Studio Art
Expected Graduation:  As soon as possible
I’m From: Phoenix, AZ
Residence Hall Community Name: Glacier
Myers-Briggs Personality Type:  INTP
Favorite Food: Chinese
Favorite Color: Green
If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?: Everywhere because why not
A little more about me: Hi there, I’m Piera! Currently I’m aiming to get a degree in studio art so I can get more practice before being a tattoo artist. I might get another major in psychology and/or design down the road but I’m not 100% sure. I’m crazy about animals (especially dogs). I like kayaking and other outdoor activities. Reading and listening to music are some other hobbies as well as binge watching shows on Netflix. I’ve been at KPC for a year now and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. (Should I add anything else..?)

Sean McBride IMG_9247

Major: PSY & ART
Expected Graduation: The future
I’m from: The Milky Way Galaxy
Residence Hall Community Name: Kustatan
Myers-Briggs Personality Type:  INTJ
Favorite Food: Onions
Favorite Color: Orange
If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?: Austin, TX. The smartest, prettiest girl in the world is there. I’d like to see her again.
A little more about me: I am infatuated with Star Wars. I have one of the largest Star Wars book collections in the state. I like to read, a lot. In my spare time I study wide gamut of subjects such as: theoretical astrophysics, botany, psychological disorders, and even old recipes. Want to have a conversation with me about anything? No problem, I most likely know something about it. And if I don’t know about something about it, I will research it. I love to learn.


Joshua Wolf IMG_9244

Major: Process Technology/Industrial Process Instrumentation
Expected Graduation: Spring 2017
I’m From: Horseheads, NY
Residence Hall Community Name: Midnight Sun
Myers-Briggs Personality Type:  INFJ
Favorite Food: Lasagna
Favorite Color: Blue
If I could go anywhere in the world where would I go and why?: I would go to Le Mans, France for the 24 Hours of Le Mans the biggest and most prestigious sports car event in thee world.
A little more about me: I really enjoy watching any form of auto racing especially NASCAR. I grew up 20 minutes from Watkins Glen and for the past three years have been to the Sahlen’s 6Hrs of The Glen and last year went to the NASCAR Sprint Cup race there with my dad.  I plan to graduate this year with what will be my third and fourth degrees. My other two degrees are in Automotive Mechanical and Auto Body Collision and Repair.


Skylar Taylor IMG_9238

Major: Industrial Instrumentation, Process Technology
Expected Graduation: Spring 2018
I’m From: Anchorage, Alaska
Residence Hall Community Name: Wolf Pack
Myers-Briggs Personality Type:  ESFP
Favorite Food: Coffee, Steak, Cream of Broccoli Soup, Artichoke
Favorite Color: Scarlett Red, Gold
If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?: New Zealand, Watch All Blacks play Rugby

A Little More about me:   I am 32 years old. I am married to Jessica Taylor, she is Canadian and is living in Canada.  I have been married for 1 year 4 months. I got married on Tax day so I never forget my Anniversary. I am the oldest on the RA Team. With this I bring a lot of knowledge as well as life experiences. There is almost no situation I have not seen or experienced. I have been to about 60 different countries world wide. I spent 12 years in the Marine Corps. I have deployed to combat and other locations multiple times. I enjoy outdoors and sports of all kinds. I am very approachable and have a really loose open door policy to the point I forget to take time for myself. Last but not least, I love to cook and am pretty good at it.

KPC Welcome Week 2016

You guys, are you getting excited for the new school year?!  Things are definitely abuzz here at KPC ResLife.  Currently the 2016/2017 RA’s are spending each afternoon in training to learn how to make this coming school year the best it can be, and one of the events they’re really excited about is our upcoming Welcome Week!

For the first time since the KPC Residence Hall opened in 2013 we will be hosting an official welcome week.  Beginning with resident move-in on August 24 and going until the day before classes start, there many activities planned that suit all interests and needs.  So, without further ado, here’s a look at our upcoming welcome week…

*Note that there are a few changes to the week.  Click on the photo for a link to the PDF of the updated flyer or check below the photo for more detailed descriptions.


Wednesday 8/24:  Resident Move In Day!

10am-12pm: Advising at Student Services-  If you need help signing up for classes or just guidance, this is for you.

Noon:  Lunch at the Fireweed Diner (Located at the Kenai Peninsula Food Bank)- Lunch is provided for free and all are welcome.  Transportation from the KPC Residence Hall will be provided.

1-5pm:  Town Tour with Diane Taylor-  Whether you’re new to the area or you’ve lived here your entire life this tour will highlight the important spots in the area for your everyday life and your social life. Meet at the KPC Residence Hall, transportation will be provided but space is limited to 13 people.

5pm:  Advising at Student Services-  If you need help signing up for classes or just guidance, this is for you.

6pm:  Music in the Park with KPC ResLife:  Join other KPC ResLife residents for this fun event at Soldotna Creek Park with live music, vendors and food trucks.  Meet at the KPC Residence Hall, transportation will be provided. *Bring your own money for food etc.

Thursday 8/25

10am-12pm: Advising at Student Services-  If you need help signing up for classes or just guidance, this is for you.

1-3pm: Service Set-Up:  Transportation will be provided for any KPC ResLife residents needing to set up various services such as banking, healthcare, library cards, etc.

3-6pm:  Welcome Back BBQ:  The highlight of our Welcome Week.  All KPC students, faculty, staff and their families are invited to the KPC Residence Hall to kick off the new school year with an exciting BBQ.  Come check out our new pavillion and enjoy free food while playing fun summer games like slip n’ slide kick ball among others!

7pm: Ultimate Frisbee at the KPC Residence Hall-  Rain or shine this event will be happening.  Meet at the Fireplace Commons (FPC) in the Residence Hall and we’ll head out from there.

Friday 8/26

10am-12pm: Advising at Student Services-  If you need help signing up for classes or just guidance, this is for you.

12-2pm: Crafting Success at KPC/Student Essentials in Ward Building Rm 117:  Learn more about campus and the various resources you can use to be a successful student. All freshman and new transfer students who attend have a chance to win a 3 credit tuition waiver!

2-5pm: Service Set-Up:  Transportation will be provided for any KPC ResLife residents needing to set up various services such as banking, healthcare, library cards, etc.

5pm: Grocery Run:  Every week during the school year the KPC Residence Hall takes students on a trip to the grocery store in our Sprinter van to get needed groceries.  Space is limited to 13 and store choice is majority rules.  Meet in the Fireplace Commons (FPC) and be there on time or you may get left behind.

7pm:  Ultimate Capture the Flag- Rain or shine this event will be happening.  Meet at the Fireplace Commons (FPC) in the Residence Hall, bring friends, and we’ll head out from there.

Saturday 8/27

10am-12pm: Advising at Student Services-  If you need help signing up for classes or just guidance, this is for you.

1-6 pm: Berry Picking in the Funny River area Join Native & Rural Student Coordinator Sondra, and Student Advisor Brandi for an afternoon of berry picking.  Transportation will be provided.

7 pm:  Water Balloon War: Rain or shine this event will be happening.  Meet at the Fireplace Commons (FPC) in the Residence Hall, bring friends, and we’ll head out from there.

Sunday 8/28

5 pm: BYOM BBQ (Bring Your Own Meat) at KPC ResLife:  Meat will get cooked on our outdoor grill.  ResLife will provide chips and drinks.

7 pm:  Mosquito Tag: Rain or shine this event will be happening.  Meet at the Fireplace Commons (FPC) in the Residence Hall, bring friends, and we’ll head out from there.


The Ultimate KPC ResLife Packing List

Ok, so last week we gave you a peek at some backpack essentials you should have on you for the upcoming school year, but what about the rest of your life at KPC?  We know that many of you who are going to be new to the KPC Residence Hall are wondering just what you should bring with you.  So, to help you out we’ve put together “The KPC ResLife Ultimate Packing List.”

Remember that the suites in the Residence Hall are essentially apartments with your own bedroom, a living room, shared bathrooms and a full kitchen, so most things that you can use in a normal apartment are useful here too.  Also, most of you should already know your roommate/room assignments for this upcoming year, so we suggest getting in touch with your roommates to figure out items that each person wants to bring, because lets be honest, not even the biggest toast lover needs 4 toasters.

[*Note: The following list is meant to cater to both genders and leaves out some items that are really specific to each person such as clothing.]


Backpack Essentials 2016/2017

With the new school year quickly approaching chances are you’re on the lookout for all the essentials you’ll need to be successful.  While all the things you have in your ResLife suite will be important (stay tuned for an ultimate KPC Reslife Packing List in the next week!), it’s what goes in your backpack that will help you be successful while you’re on campus or at a study group.

Here are some of the items we suggest goes in your bag this upcoming school year…


  1.  A Good Backpack (or messenger bag)-  Ok I know this isn’t really “in your bag” becuase it actually IS your bag, but choosing a good backpack/messenger really is imperative.  You only have one body and it’s important you treat it well, especially your back because back pain isn’t worth it!  Look for a pack with adequate padding/support.  Product Pictured: The North Face Wise Guy Backpack
  2. A laptop-  Nearly everything for school these days needs computer usage at some point (emails, blackboard, papers, etc.), and while desktops are great they’re not very practical for a student on the move.  The laptop selection now compared to 10 years ago is enormous and many companies design machines specifically with mobile college students in mind.  The type of laptop you get doesn’t really matter so long as it works for you!  Product Pictured: HP Spectre 13.3
  3. Headphones-  Whether you’re studying in the River View Commons between classes or want to catch up on some Netflix while you’re on campus, a good pair of headphones always come in handy.  Product Pictured: Beats Studio 2
  4. A Good Planner-  It can’t be stressed enough how important organization is to academic success, and a planner is one of the best tools you can use.  These days there are more planner options and layouts than ever before.  Horizontal, vertical, plain, lined, etc.  If you get a planner and it doesn’t seem to work for you (ie. you don’t seem to actually use it) think about trying a new style, it will be worth it!  Product Pictured: Erin Condren Life Planner
  5. A Water Bottle- Hydration is super important for brain function!  We have Brita Hydration Stations around campus (including one in the Residence Hall) for easy fillups. Product Pictured : Hydroflask
  6. A Multi-Subject Notebook-  Forget the fancy binders with loose-leaf paper (I mean unless it’s your absolute favorite of course), in college spiral bound notebooks are the way to go.  Instead of getting separate notebooks for each class/subject consider getting a multi-subject notebook.  Several brands have folders built into dividers in the notebook to store any loose papers you may have.  For those of you worried about running out of space, if you get a college ruled notebook (and unless you write super huge) you should be fine.  I take tons of notes and have never run out of space in a semester.  Product Pictured:  Five Star 5 subject College Ruled Notebook
  7. Pens-  While the go to standard black/blue ballpoint or gel pens should always be part of the plan, consider adding some fun colorful pens to your arsenal as well.  They definitely make note taking more fun!  Product Pictured: Staedtler Triplus Fineliner 10 pack
  8. Mechanical Pencils-  Good old fashioned pencils can get kind of tedious with all the sharpening and such needed, so mechanical pencils are definitely a must.  Product Pictured: Bic Xtra Sparkle Mechanical Pencils 0.7 mm
  9. Highlighters-  To make those extra important notes stand out use various colored highlighters.  These will make it easier when you’re studying etc. to locate the important facts. Product Pictured: Sharpie Highlighter
  10. USB Flashdrive-  You never know when one of these could come in handy!
  11. A Pencil Case- To carry all your fun writing utensils from above in so they’re not buried deep in your backpack when you need them.  Product Pictured:  Poppin Pencil Pouch
  12. Portable Tech Charger-  You never know when you’re phone or tablet might die.  Keeping an extra charger on you may be one of your best decisions.  Product Pictured: Back Me Up iPhone charger 
  13. A Snack-  If you pack your own you won’t be tempted to buy overpriced treats from the vending machine!

*Please note that at KPC ResLife we don’t endorse any specific products. Links for the above products were given in case you, the reader, saw anything they would like to look into more.

Gotta Catch Em All: Pokemon Go at KPC ResLife


The Pokemon Go app has been out for just over a week and the world is obsessed.  People who never get off their couches are suddenly walking 10 miles a day in order to find the illusive Pikachu or some other Pokemon I don’t know the name of.  So far at KPC Reslife the interest in Pokemon Go has been high.  Within a couple days at least half of the Reslife residents have downloaded the app and can be seen wandering campus trying to catch what they can.

So what is it like to play Pokemon Go at KPC?

First of all we have our very own Pokestop and Gym!  While the Pokestop is shown to be at one of the KPC sculptures, it’s actually closer to the walkway between the CTEC and Ward buildings in case you’ve had trouble finding it, and then the Gym is by the Moose sculpture.

Poke Collage 1

Now as for Pokemon, we have a lot of the regulars around here (all of these were caught in the last 24 hrs)…

poke collage 4

Poke Collage 3

Poke Collage 2

But every now and again I pick up some others as well like Gastly, Pigeotto, Nidoran, Paras, Venonat, Drowzee, Magikarp, and Eevee.  I’ve even heard of the elusive Pikachu making an appearance in the late hours of the night.

When it comes to the best time of day for picking up Pokemon, I’ve found that 7 or 8 pm (or later) seems to be best.  If you go in the middle of the day you may find a couple, but all the Pokemon seem to pop out at night.

And if any of you are searching around the KPC campus during business hours (8am-5pm M-F) feel free to drop in at the Residence Hall and ask for a tour.  I’ve even found a few Pokemon wandering our halls so you never know what you’ll find.

So KPC ResLife Residents, whats the coolest Pokemon you’ve found on campus?

Happy Hunting!

Exciting Changes at the Residence Hall

This has been an exciting summer around the KPC Residence Hall.  Construction on several different projects started in May and we’re finally getting a chance to see what the last couple months of listening to noisy equipment is giving us.

First of all, any of you current/former residents may remember the not so nice giant puddle that forms around the dumpsters, especially around “break up.”  Well, one of the projects for the summer was to fix our drainage issues, so going forward you should no longer need to put on Xtratufs to take out your garbage.  Hooray!

The next exciting improvement is our new paved walkway from the front door to the parking lot.  This walkway replaces the dirt path residents would take as a shortcut to their vehicles. This makes it so that we no longer need to get our shoes covered in mud or weave around trees while carrying groceries.

Photo Jul 08, 9 43 29 AM

Also near the front door is our new garden space.  Nothing is planted there yet, but we’re already imagining the endless possibilities of veggies we could plant there.

Photo Jul 08, 9 44 10 AM

Probably the most time consuming project of the summer, and also one of the most exciting, is our new pavilion which is located at the end of the long wing.  Currently the frame and roof are up, and the contractors are working daily to complete the structure.  At this time everything should be finished by the start of the school year.  In addition there will also be a paved walkway from the parking lot to the pavilion/end of the long wing (exciting news for all the residents who prefer to come in through the long wing door).

Photo Jul 07, 3 07 22 PM

In addition to all the work going on outside we’ve also had an update to our Fireplace Commons.  Last month an art installation called Spring Ice by artist Sara Tabbert was hung above the fireplace, filling in the blank wall that’s been there since opening.

Photo Jul 08, 9 42 22 AM

So those are a few of the exciting changes happening at the KPC Residence Hall this summer, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy them!

Welcome to the New KPC ResLife Blog!

Well hello there and welcome to your new blog!  I know what you may be thinking, what happened to all the posts from your old blog?  Well, long story short those posts are lost in the great library of all things internet, but honestly that’s OK because now we’re pushing onward with a fresh start.

So stay tuned to this blog going forward to hear about all the great things happening at KPC ResLife and maybe even learn some tips and tricks to surviving college and making the most of your time here!